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Meals on Wheels holds several events throughout the year. Conferences, ceremonies and celebrations mark the collaborative achievements throughout the organisation and individual bodies.
Here are some National Activities to keep in your diary...

National Conferences...
Held every 2 years the AMOWA National Conference is an ideal way for MoW to get together from across Australia, to hear great speakers, exchange ideas, see the latest innovations and more.

2015 National Conference...
A taste of South Australia!

The 2015 National Conference will bring into focus the issues, challenges, opportunities and exciting future for MoW, in communities all over Australia.
Building on a traditional focus of engaging a diversity of people, the Conference will bring renewed energy, ideas and vision, to help the organisation continue to provide a vital service and meet the needs of the community, now and in the future.
What will clients need in the future, how will tastes change, what is the right meal experience, have we already felt the influence of “Boomer Power”? These and other questions will be tackled in an important National forum.
It is anticipated that over 350 volunteers and staff will attend the 2015 Conference from all over Australia. The program aims to be diverse and stimulating with a range of well-known, informative, engaging and entertaining speakers. Join us for a taste of South Australia. Click this link to download a reminder...
SAVE THE DATE...23-25 September 2015

Previous Successful Conferences:
2013 National Conference 'Diamonds are Forever'
Please find below the presentations from the Conference held in Canberra in August 2013:
Effective Complaints Handling in the Community by Michael Culhane
Food For the Soul by Susan Moylan Coombs
From snack packs to mini-meals by Professor Karen Charlton
Keynote 2 - Innovation within a traditional model by Professor Melanie Oppenheimer
Narrative Research by Vivienne Read
Protein and energy supplementation of MOWs by Natalie Luscombe Marsh
Update on the ACNC by David Locke
Workshop 1 - Safety WHS by Daniel Brimelow
Workshop 2 - It could happen to you by Sharyn-Broer
Workshop 3 - Corporate Volunteering by Dr Jodie Conduit
Debbie Mayo-Smith Social-Media
Workshop 4 - Nutrition by Angela Malberg
Workshop 6 - Government Reform by Pat Sparrow
AMOWA 2013 - Nutrition Workshop
AMOWA 2013 - Quality Meals CDC AMM
LINCS Conference Presentation-ACT
Link to the photos:
Conference photos

National Meals on Wheels Day... Click here to find out more

We would welcome expressions of interest to sponsor or exhibit.

We thank DSS (Was DoHA) as the main conference sponsor:

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